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New Site lunched,! Please Send Your Articles, Stories, Poems related to Bangla, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Freedom fighting and Our Father of the nation at This site is not party based, it is Bangla and Bangladeshi based, It is for people believe in Our Freedom, believe in Our father of the Nation!

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Probashi Bengali, Bangladeshi websites


American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects.

Asian American Net
Asian People, Asian culture, Asian american, Asian american organization, Asian Americans.

Mega Bangladeshi website, anything and everything you need on Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Association, Houston
This site is dedicated for providing services for the Bangladeshis living in the Greater Houston area. the Bangladeshi festival !
All about Bangladesh. Everything you wanted to know about Bangladesh.

Proactive Bengalis
We at Proactive Bengali's would like to welcome you all to the area's first non-profit organization geared towards young adults and young Bangladeshi professionals.

British-Bangladesh Professional Association
The British-Bangladeshi Professional Association is a not-for-profit organisation founded to foster educational attainment and the pursuit of professional excellence in the Bangladeshi community in the United Kingdom. The BBPA seeks to improve the representation of Bangladeshis at all levels in both private and public sector institutions, and to promote a positive image of their contribution to British society.

The largest Professional and Entrepreneurial networking group for British Bangladeshis.

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