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Welcome to BRAC Bangladesh.

Home page of Grameen
The organization of Professor Muhammad Yunus, inventor of micro credit.

Communication is key to improving family health in Bangladesh. Behavior Change Communication (BCC) makes use of an expanding mass media, new technologies, and new ideas in communication to influence health and social behavior change. BCC is therefore particularly effective in reproductive health and total health care programs in the country, since these are areas where millions of people need to understand, approve, and actually use services. As the leader in the field, Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP) provides expertise in conceptualization, development, management, implementation, and evaluation of BCC programs to meet existing and emerging health challenges. BCCP’s programs are coordinated through national policy and program strategies that promote multisectoral collaboration, efficiencies of scale, and sustainable health behavior change.

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is a changed name of Bangladesh Coastal NGO Network for Radio and Communication (BCNNRC). BCNNRC has established during April 2000 and registered as trust in the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs with the auspicious of 9 coastal non-government organizations (NGO) with lead initiatives from COAST (Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust).

It has been more than two decades since PROSHIKA, now one of the largest NGOs in Bangladesh, took its first step. Although the PROSHIKA development process started in a few villages of Dhaka and Comilla districts in 1975, the organization formally emerged in October, 1976. The name 'PROSHIKA' is an acronym of three Bangla words, which stand for training, education, and action.
The Global Connections and Exchange for Bangladesh project has established Internet Learning Centers (ILCs) in secondary schools throughout Bangladesh. These schools and their partner schools encompass a population of almost fifty thousand students! The program's main goal is to increase global dialogue and educational opportunities by installing modern computer equipment with Internet access in schools, and to develop training and learning projects for teachers and students.

ASA plans to reach over 5 million borrowers and over 6 million savings accounts by the year 2008 in Bangladesh alone, but also committed to sharing its successes in other countries. ASA is currently involved in several countries world-wide providing ASA experts to develop financial sectors elsewhere that are inclusive of low income groups. It will surely not be long before skeptics are convinced that a financial sector providing high quality products to all is achievable.


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